Woman's World
Based on the Andrew Wyeth work "Christina's World", this piece depicts the many molds women are forced to fit into. This piece is performed to a poem written by Scott Silsby.

Seperate and In Love
Karena Hatfield-Grytting (blue) performs in the first section of Seperate and In Love with Redd Legg Dance at Ballard Art'Fisk 2005. Sepearte and In Love is an up-beat piece performed to the music of the French band, Lo'Jo.


Marlo Martin (center) performs with Redd Legg Dance in Sojourn at Ballard Art'Fisk 2005. Sojourn is a very dance-y piece which tells the tale of a woman passing through a passionate stage in her life.

Rehearsal Photo
Redd Legg Dance rehearses oliveyou at eXit SPACE School of Dance.

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Second String Superheroes
A fun photo by Leo Chen.

Redd Legg Dance warms up before the March show at Velocity MainSpace Theater.

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